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Cisco Tetration Platform Unit

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This piece of equipment is designed to whitelist-based segmentation, allowing operators to control network communication within the data centre enabling a zero-trust model. Helps with the behaviour baselining, analysis and identification of deviations for processes running on servers. It identifies common vulnerabilities and exposures associated with the software packages installed on servers. It acts proactively with quarantining servers, reduces the attack surface, minimizes lateral movement in case of any security incidents and quickly identifies indicators of compromise.

The cisco titration platform unit is powered by big data technologies to support the scale requirements of data centres. It can process comprehensive telemetry information received from servers in near-real time amounting up to 25,000 servers per cluster. Can enforce consistent policy across thousands of applications and for a long term data retention to enable powerful identification for identifying incidents and operational troubleshooting.

The platform unit has numerous features and benefits:

  •  Day-O Readiness- Allows only the required traffic to pass through and helps prevents a persistent threat from entering or searching for additional vulnerabilities on a day.
  • Automated whitelist policy generation- Generates a whitelist policy based on application dependency and behaviour. Definitions and validations across different data using built in workflows to collaboratively to define a policy enforcement across multicloud environment.
  • Extend policy definitions based on additional content – Eliminates time consuming manual creation of resource lists. Define certain polices and tags. Quickly develop consistent policies for applications using real time tagging. Can integrate with vCenter, Kubernetes, OpenShift and other CMDB systems to automatically bringing in the workload content.
  • One click policy enforcement across a multicloud data centre- Enforces security framework using application segmentation and reduces the surface vulnerability from attacks. Enforces policies with one single click and normalises the policy for each server eliminating the manual intervention to identify policy for each of the servers.
  • Process inventory- Gives an accurate inventory processes of each server, identifies all the servers currently executing or that have executed a process. Receive proactive notifications on critical process-behaviour.
  • Software vulnerability detection- Quickly identify if any package versions have known vulnerabilities or exposures along with severity. Ties all the information to a policy that designates a specific action, such as quarantining a specific server.
  • Data exfiltration signals- Temporal communication behaviour between workloads to identify changes in those patterns, correlates with other activities within the workload to determine if its an indictor of compromise and generate alerts for such events to enable proactive security operations.
  •  Real-time asset tagging- Associates business content with the telemetry data in the form of tags, provides flexibility to search for inventory and traffic. The northbound REST API is used to keep the information to date.
  • VMware vCenter and Amazon Web Services (AWS) resource tags- Integrate with VMware vCentre to consume virtual machine attributes in a form of tags in an on-premises data centre. Integrate with AWS to map AWS resource tags and defines policies or search inventory and traffic based on these well-known attributes.
  • Software sensors- Capture all activity server including east-west traffic and eliminating blind spots. Designed to operate within adminstrator-defined computing SLAs. Resides outside the data path and do not affect application performance. Supports bare metal servers, virtual machines and containers.
  •  ERSPAN sensors- collect rich telemetry data of the portions of the network in which the software and hardware sensors are not present and collect data from multiple vantage points for better correlation and analysis.
  • Hardware sensors- Line-rate telemetry required for Tetration within the switches Application-Specific Integrated Circuit eliminating any impact to the switch CPU.
  •  AnyConnect NVM Proxy sensor- Collect telemetry for AnyConnect NVM agent running on end point devices such as laptops, smart phones etc.  Provides data information around the user, device name, FQDN, processes running on the device as well as what URL or applications was assessed. Correlate the user data with the user group within an organisation and define specific policies for segmentation using user group information that can be enforced on the workloads.
  • Support data centre scalability- Collect telemetry data from every packet in the data centre without any sampling. The platform can process millions of unique flows per second and long term data retention supports forensics and analysis operations.
  • Ease of deployment and use- The platform functions as an appliance with ready-to-use support for critical operation use cases and unsupervised machine learning reduces the need for human interation.
  • Platform self-monitoring- Self monitoring eliminates the need for extensive in-house big data expertise to operate this platfrom. Monitoring extends all the way to the sensors to facilitate easier operations and use an option to enable the Cisco Smart Call Home function to report unknown error states.
  •  Open interface- Use the open REST API for northbound system integration. Uses the notification mechnaism to more easily monitor compliance-based events and detect anomalies. Developers can also assess the data lake and write their own applications.


    •  Hard drive: 48x 1.6TB
    • Storage space: 76.8TB
    • Maximum number of concurrent user applications that can be run on the platform: 14
    • Maximum number of applications that can be submitted: 100
    • Data limit for uploading external data: 5 terabytes shared across all applications

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Telephone: 01922 324016

Email: sales@thebazaarshop.co.uk

Address: 7 & 8 Westgate Trading Estate, Aldridge, Walsall, West Midlands WS9 8EX

Viewings: Please call or email to book a viewing. Available Monday – Friday 9-5.



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