Phyllida Barlow Untitled Sculpture

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Phyllida Barlow Untitled Sculpture:

About the manufacture:

Phyllida Barlow  known for her colossal sculptural projects. Barlow uses “a distinctive vocabulary of inexpensive materials such as plywood, cardboard, plaster, cement, fabric and paint” to create striking sculptures. Her skills include drawing on memories of familiar objects from her surroundings.  Most practice is grounded in an anti-monumental tradition characterised by her physical experience of handling materials.

Which she transforms through processes of layering, accumulation and juxtaposition.

“Maybe I don’t think enough about beauty in my work because I’m so curious about other qualities, abstract qualities of time, weight, balance, rhythm; collapse and fatigue versus the more upright dynamic notions of maybe posture … the state that something might be in. Is it growing or shrinking, is it going up or down, is it folding or unfolding?” – Phyllida Barlow

Measures approximately 60cm in length and can be plinth or wall mounted.