Fujitsu air con system (AOYG30KBTB) condenser (AUXG30KRLB) cassette + remote + flow panel

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Fujitsu Circular Flow Ceiling Cassette has unique circular air flow design option – cassette type realizes circular flow to blow large airflow in 360 degree direction by mounting high performance DC fan motor, turbo fan and unique seamless air flow louver design
Individual louver can be set individually by Touch Panel Controller which provides high level of air conditioning of different directional air flows according to various room layouts
Fujitsu circular flow ceiling cassette available with human sensor which increases more energy saving during cool or heat operation. Air Conditioning energy saving operation starts automatically by detecting the motion of a person.
Optimized ceiling cassette wing form and number for better quiet operation
Improvement of the ceiling cassette air flow distribution
Fujitsu ceiling cassette AUXG30KRLB can be work at low ambient temperature on heating mode – 15C
Replace Ceiling Cassette Technology Available
Complete with touch panel wired remote controller (UTY-RNRYZ3) and circular flow panel (UTG-UKYC-W)